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The Brotherhood Era


Soon the Marines army, under the leadership of Totidile and Jack, will make their return to the community. They will not fail. The Marines will be one of the dominant armies for the rest of this year and hopefully into next year. I will only be watching over this army as an advisory figure and “elder” due to my position in the Army of Club Penguin, but I can assure you that the dedicated leaders will make a rise not seen by the Marines since earlier this year. If you are interested in joining an army, I highly suggest you join the Marines in their quest for success.


Will the Marines live up to their previous generation and make it even further? That is for YOU to decide.

Prepare for the Brotherhood Era.

Marine Flag

xaticon lelouch2

Ƈσммαηɗєя Sιɗιє [vex]

ACP Leader and Marines Elder

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