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Ausia Training on Frozen + Defending a Raid!

Good morning Marines!

To kick today off, we had an Ausia training session on our capital, Frozen. In this event we maxed 12 and averaged 11. We’re getting very consistent sizes, but we need to work on getting higher! Click on continue reading to hear more about the raid.

However, that wasn’t to be the end of the event today. Shortly after we logged off, we got word that the RPF were going to be doing a raid of our capital!  So, we quickly relogged on to defend Frozen.

My message to RPF is, that you should pick on someone your own size… Oh. Wait. You did. My bad! As we’d just had an event, some penguins had already left the chat to go out for the day. But I’m very proud of how quickly we logged back on, and how we performed. We weren’t fazed. Good job Marines!


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