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Sorry marines but i have to go, it’s better that i leave and give my rank to someone else, i’ve lost all motivation and not feeling it anymore. Chainpro will be taking my place, he is the future of marines.

When I joined i was motivated and ready to rise us and as you can see it worked well we were maxing 20, going hard but i began to feel less and less motivated bringing us to this horrible week. I may return in a few weeks after playing fallout 4, but don’t be counting on it. I will advise and help out as much as i can. Chain make me proud.

4 Responses

  1. Do you really have to go?

  2. In other words, “Oh kewl, Ima go ply flaloot faur for a lil bit brb”

  3. but where else i have to scroll the marines but there are DW

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