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Week in Review #1

Good evening Marines,

This is the Marines week in review for the top 10.

[UK] Return Event

We kicked off our return this week with a training session on Ice Box, the former Light Troops capital. In this event we maxed 20 with a few decent tactics here and there. This event wasn’t the greatest as it was very rushed as we were all excited to get going again!

Click on continue reading to read about what happened for the rest of the week.

[US] Liberation of Ice Box

Just a day after the Return event, we decided we wanted to liberate Ice Box, and take it back from the evil RPF who stole it off of the Light Troops. While they put up a brief fight, the RPF were no match for us here, and they quickly retreated back to Tuxedo. We maxed 25 and averaged a solid 23 in this event.

[US] Invasion of Tuxedo

A day later, on the 27th of April, we took over the RPF capital, Tuxedo. Suprisingly, we were met by 0 RPF in this event, just goes to show how much they actually value their capital! We maxed 26 in this event and averaged 24. Meanwhile, the almighty RPF only had 6 on their chat!

[US] Invasion of Tundra

After a day of rest for the Marines, we started up again with another invasion of RPF territory, this time it was Tundra. We maxed 24 and averaged 22 in this event, and yet again we weren’t greeted by any resistance from the RPF. Are they simply too scared to fight us?

[UK] Pre Battle Training on Tuxedo

Fast forward to today, the 30th of April, and we had a busy day ahead. To prepare, we held a pre-battle training session on the RPF capital, Tuxedo, which was soon to be under Marine control. We maxed 25 and averaged 20 at this event. It proved to be good preparation for the two events that came after it.


[UK] Invasion Of Tuxedo

You may be wondering, why did we have to invade Tuxedo again? Well, the RPF are too scared to fight us, so they reinvaded Tuxedo in the ausia hours, despite us not having an ausia branch in our army. However, we managed to take back Tuxedo from the RPF, maxing 31 and averaging 28. Yet again, the RPF didn’t show up!

[US] Invasion of Ice Box

To end the week, we took back Ice Box AGAIN from the RPF. This was another server which they took during the ausia hours. but we managed to get it back again! We maxed 23 and averaged about 21 at this event, and you guessed it, RPF didn’t show up again. Yawn!

Good start, Marines! However, if we want to start challenging at the top of the Top 10 with the big boys, we need to start maxing 30+ consistently. If you all carry on working hard we should be able to do that with ease!

  • – Federal Marine Union

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