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The Dagger Falls – Part 2

On the 10th of December 2014 I released this post titled “The Dagger Falls,” not knowing that we would become what we are today.

It is time, brothers and sisters.


Over the past years I have seen the legacy of this once prosperous nation fade. Sf1998’s legacy was fading. A legacy that has had a large influence on our community, yet barely any impact on the recent generation, slowly disappears into the abyss of the forgotten. Over a time period of around a year I’ve been looking for the right time to strike and bring our military dominance. No time I have seen so far has been better than now.

My first attempt to revive this glorious army was when I contacted my old friend Rex in late 2013, after his rather long period of retirement. We decided we would try, as I had a domain and it seemed like a decent idea. We ultimately failed, we weren’t prepared. I later contacted Benjarkin in July who wanted to make or remake an army. I provided this option, and he decided to try. Due to lack of dedication, it indeedfailed.

Finally, in November I had contacted Rex over Skype once more. We decided that this would be our final struggle. I later contacted Totidile  who took charge over the UK Division and plays an important role in the formation of the army, as well as Apollo who took charge over the US Division, coded our CSS Design and has played an important role in the recruiting section of the army. This leads us to the current day, where our leadership is almost complete and our ownership is going to be announced in the coming days.

This army has been in the shadows for too long. I ask for each of you to follow me on this adventure with a goal – to be strong, to prosper, and to unite under one glorious banner.

We are the Marines.

– Vexillarius Sidie9 –


Since then the Marines have achieved so much. The Federal Marine Union is successfully conquering the opposing United States of the Rebel Penguin Federation, and we’ve reached a point I could have never imagined. The fact that the Marines are already 2nd on CPAC in one week is astonishing. I’d like to thank you for your hard work and dedication. The Marines can only get bigger from this point on.

Our dagger falls on the map once more, piercing the very heart of the RPF – Tuxedo. The fate of RPF is already sealed.

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