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Response To RPF Multilogging Accusations

Update 2: Case Debunked – Marines are innocent.




Update: You claimed DekinRPF to be one of our multilogs when he was the only RPF troop to show up to our invasion of Tuxedo a while back… I don’t think you should be calling your own troop a multilog, instead you should give him the medal of honor for actually attending the battle.


Also, Justin B 190 is our moderator named “Banned.” Can you actually get factual evidence please?

I’m sorry, but stamps aren’t enough evidence to make a multilogging claim. If someone’s penguin is banned for recruiting or they make a new account, of course it’s going to have little stamps. Not all of our troops play Club Penguin for fun, like me. Not everyone is bothered to gain stamps, and I’m sure some RPF soldiers feel the same way.

I don’t like cheaters. I cleansed my ownership and overthrew my co-leader in ACP for cheating. Any leader caught cheating will be removed. If you or anyone has legitimate incriminating evidence against us, notify me and I will confront our leaders and take the allegations into consideration. It is a standard in this army to not cheat and I can assure you that I am not aware of any cheating. The Marines will continue its daily activities as normal.

Thank you.


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