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Marine Update

Hello Marines,

Today we saw one of our leaders leave the Marines today. There has be a lot of confusion lately with the leadership positions.

As most of you know me and Ben joined the leadership team just over 2 weeks ago. Me and Ben had a rocky start as there was a ‘mix-up’ with the leadership ranks. It was soon resolved and as soon as it was resolved we maxed 54 which just proves we could work well together. After this event Marine legend Buddy was looking for a spot in our leadership team and of course we welcomed him in. All 5 of us worked well together I felt and I’m sure the others felt that way too. Tymatt, a former Marine leader wanted in on this generation of the Marines and we welcomed him in but unfortunately due to personal reasons he had to leave less than a day later. We wore going well after that and one of our leaders Fishy informed us that she would be inactive due to school and she would be stepping down to an advisor role for a few days which was perfectly fine. Only a few days later Ben started becoming inactive when questioned he told us that he was busy with some developing which was perfectly fine. Then a few hours before our practice battle with Golds Ben decided he didn’t want to be in the Marines anymore due to an issue with rankings. Ben left our discord and join another army which we haven’t got a problem with and we wish Ben the best of luck on his new journey and hold no bad feelings toward him or his army. A few hours later after the Golds event Fishy informed us that she was ready to come back to leading so of course she was immediately given a leader position. The leadership team apologize for any confusement caused. Right now as it stands the leadership team is currently¬†Zarpa, Buddy, Cliff and Fishy.

Zarpa, Marines Leader.

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