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Stepping down as Leader

Hey Marines! 


I’ll keep this post short and sweet. Lately, plenty of Water Viking vets have planned a return to the CPA community and naturally, I will be joining them. It may have been predictable to some but I made so many friends whom I consider family and I feel at home with them.

That being said, the amount of potential this Marines generation has is unbelievable. Fish, Zarpa and Cliff are exceptional leaders who will bring this army to new heights in no time. 

In the meantime, I will remain a “Head Advisor” as well as head of the “Panel of Godfathers” and continue with my recruiting responsibilities, because I want to see the Marines do well just as much as the leaders do. I will act as though I am still leader, even without the official title. Who knows, I may return to lead the Marines in the future. This army truly means a lot to me. 

I love you all, I know the Marines will reach the top!


marines history 3

The Few, The Proud

~Buddy, Marines Legend~

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