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Defense of Tuxedo – SUCCESS

Hey Marines,

Today we successfully defended Tuxedo from the RPF. Props to them for showing up to a battle, but we defended Tuxedo successfully. We maxed 23. We did a good job considering the amount of disruption we had throughout the day.

Once again, good job guys and click on continue reading to see more pictures from the event.

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Reply to RPF Statement Regarding the War


We are the ones that don’t attend events? Is that why we’ve taken Ice Box, Tuxedo and Tundra off’ve you? If you continue not logging on for invasions, then it’s your loss not ours, as we will still own all the servers. You’re just too scared to fight us. We wanted a fun war as well, but you aren’t providing us with one. However, if you’re not going to come to us, we’ll just have to come to you… while continuing to take all your servers. Sound like a plan?


congratulations dj khaled you played yourself

Week in Review #1

Good evening Marines,

This is the Marines week in review for the top 10.

[UK] Return Event

We kicked off our return this week with a training session on Ice Box, the former Light Troops capital. In this event we maxed 20 with a few decent tactics here and there. This event wasn’t the greatest as it was very rushed as we were all excited to get going again!

Click on continue reading to read about what happened for the rest of the week.

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[US] Invasion of Ice Box – VICTORY! RPF NO SHOW!

Hey Marines! We logged onto Ice Box to invade it from the RPF, because we didn’t want them to get their grubby hands on the old Light Troops capital. We did invade it, and without any fight whatsoever from the RPF… Wars are no fun when the other army doesn’t put up a fight!

Max: 24

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Liberation of Ice Box – RESULTS

Hello Marines!

Today we logged on to take over the old Light Troops capital, Ice Box, from the evil RPF. They put up an ok fight for a while but then they retreated. Ice Box is ours! In this event we maxed 25 and averaged around 23. Our sizes picked up a lot as the event went on, as most of our troops came online during the event.


Good job today Marines. However, if we want to get up to the higher reaches of the top 10, we need to be maxing 25+ consistently. Click on continue reading to see more pictures from the event (inlcuding when we started to grow in size).

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Tonights invasion of Ice Box is legitimate

It would seem the Rebel Penguin Federation can worm their way out of battling via lying to us. But of course we aren’t going to let that happen. You see, the event has been on the schedule for two days, as it was scheduled by Totidile/Revan, on the 24th (two days ago).

Click on “Open image on a new tab”

But hey, apparently it “wasn’t there” when Abhinav last checked… Despite having been posted two days previously!

Tonights invasion of Ice Box is legitimate, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Whether RPF show up or not is up to them, but of course we understand they might not want to be embarrassed, and thus won’t show up.

When your lies get found out…

lol oh, yeah

SN haven’t been chat recruiting?

Yeah, good one… lol.

If you can’t read it, right-click the picture and then select open image in new tab to get a larger version. Anyway, look who we find a day later on the Snow Ninjas website.

We’re coming, Snow Ninjas. Prepare to die.

Battle on Belly Slide – Results!

Hey penguins!

Today we logged on to invade the server Belly Slide from the evil Snow Ninjas. Much to our shock, we faced no opposition! The Snow Ninjas are too scared to fight us… Anyway, we maxed 11 and averaged a solid ten in this event. Tactics were pretty good, but if we want to get to where we want to be, we need to be aiming higher! As always, click on continue reading for more pictures.

Belly Slide

Anyway, we maxed 12 and averaged a solid ten in this event. Tactics were pretty good, but if we want to get to where we want to be, we need to be aiming higher! As always, click on continue reading for more pictures.

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Declaration of war on the Snow Ninjas


Marine Flag

This is the official declaration of war on the Snow Ninjas. Our reasons for war are as follows:

  • We have reason to believe that recently, and also in the past, the Snow Ninjas leaders have chat recruited in our headquarters.
  • The Snow Ninjas have been found trash talking the Marines on multiple occasions, and this will never be tolerated.
  • We want to expand the Marine empire.

Here is the 24 hour notice:


Now as always with war, there are certain rules which must be followed:

  • No allies.
  • No multilogging.
  • No botting of any kind.
  • No cring.

Good luck Snow Ninjas, you’re gonna need a hell of a lot of it. At this point, we’d also like to introduce a new rule. As we are at war, if you see anyone on our chat that isn’t either a Marine, a Light Troop or a Water Viking, you are to ban them on the spot. No exceptions.


The few, the proud.

  • – The Marine High Command

Spider Smash – Results

Hello Marines.

Today we participated in another Halloween tournament, this time hosted by SMAC. We faced the Army Republic, Snow Ninjas, Shadow Force and Crimson Crew (?) in battle. Overall, we came second. However, in this battle, unlike in the SMAP one, the right army won. Congrats to AR! Anyway, we maxed 9 and averaged 8. We showed off some pretty good tactics throughout this event. Click on continue reading for more pictures.

We started in the Ice Rink…

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