•  photo trolol2_zpsbeajvprb.png Hey there! We are the Marines of Club Penguin, the strongest army in all of Club Penguin! Be sure to join us, to help defend Club Penguin with our allies from evil armies! Visit our chat to talk with other Marines, and generals, see you there!
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↓Be Sure To Come Our HQ Below To Get Battle Commands↓ 

To Enter The Full Version Of Our HQ Click Here

Marine avatars

 – Click here

 – Click here

 – Click here

 – Click here

  – Click here

Chat Rules

1. No Cussing/Swearing Of Any Kind

2. Do not advertise your club penguin army, xat chat, or anything that isn’t related to the CP Marines army.

3. Do not bully any other marine, or visitor, this includes, intimidating, starting fights of any sort, or inappropriate talk of any kind.

4. No asking for ranks mod, owner etc, you will earn them.

4. No scamming anyone of anything.

5. No talking or showing images, videos of anything pornographic, or includes any nudity.




3 Responses

  1. hey nothing like that blue is called the best

  2. hmm we waddle around events
    but this event of dark warriors is weak we win dw but nothing like that to say bad words talking polietly is good have a nice day ;D

  3. if you had an account just add me monkey mon1 but it’s just a little comet hit the club penguin so penguin adulted by aliens dont forget to come to meeting in epf everyday in ice berg and blizzard ooops got a go bye i have an work wait dont forget i made an youtube call how to be adulted by aliens watch it and enjoy but please dont forget to subribe bye good day monalon bye

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