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We at the Club Penguin Marines value the ancestry of this army. Since our return in 2014, I have compiled all recoverable history regarding the old and new eras of the Marines army. I hope you enjoy.


Chancellor Of The Marine Imperial Council

Marine History

The original Marines of Club Penguin were founded on November 20th 2006 by Sf1998, and the original website still exists to this day. The army was the 5th army ever made, and the army was as strong as the ACP and Romans at the time. The army quickly became allies with the ACP, and until the Marine’s death, fought with ACP until the end.

On his forums, a penguin by the name of Sf1998 saw the ACP thread. He thought it was pretty cool, so he decided to make the ACP a brother army: The Club Penguin Marines. After a small plagiarism argument, we became close allies. The CPM soon grew as big as the ACP, but not within the Forums, but rather on a WordPress site.

– Oagalthorp ACP Creator, The ACP Saga


The Marines eventually died in middle 2007. Records show that Sf1998 had not even made a retirement post or announced that the army had ended. Sf1998′s final post still exists, but it wasn’t very significant. The final post was made on June 10th 2007.

From June 10th 2007 to February 2014, there had been many failed armies by the names of “Marines.” However, none were that significant, and none are remembered. In early February 2014, two friends named Sidie9 and Rexeh/Agentrds attempted to revive the fallen empire. Once again, the army deceased. Soon after, Rexeh and Sidie started talking about restarting the army again. They both went ahead with the plan and resurrected the army in December. Two leaders (Apollo and Totidile/Revan) were introduced and the army saw the light of day once more. The generation faded away as motivation was lost and there were leadership issues within the army.

Totidile, now known as Revan – one of the former leaders from the failed 2014 generation – confronted Sidie9 with a plan to remake the army. Sidie9 was an ACP Second in Command at the time so she was unable to join, but allowed Totidile to remake the army. This decision led to a future of the Marines that no one could have imagined.



Pictures of Past Wars and Events

Pictures from this section are added here as soon as they are discovered in the archives of the internet.

– Marines First Era (2006-2007) –












– Marines Return (2014-2015) –


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Marines Modern Era (2020)

marines history 1

marines history 2

marines history 3

marines history 4

marines history 5

marines history 6

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  1. Hey just here to say that the marines are back!! I’m apart of them and the new generation is here we had our debut today and won!!

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