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2. Legends

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These are the current and former leaders of the Marines, before and after the Grave Period. The Grave Period is the period of time where there were constant remakes of the Marines, all failing in their respective generations. If a leader has led for less than a week, the leaders can vote to remove him or her from the list.

Italics – Marines Legend

Underline – Head of State/Creator

Bold – Club Penguin Army Legend

Colored *‘s – Indicates different leaderships

  1. Sf1998
  2. Tarheel 4
  3. Chad222
  4. Peng123
  5. **Sidie9 [Vex]
  6. **Rexeh
  7. *Totidile/Revan
  8. *Apollo/Joshua
  9. *****Totidile/Revan (2)
  10. *Nitro52
  11. **Darkstar
  12. *Apollo/Joshua (2)
  13. ****Buddy
  14. *Ganger90
  15. *Domz
  16. *Dwain
  17. *Apollo/Joshua (3)
  18. *Maria
  19. *Tymatt
  20. *Totidile/Revan (3)
  21. *Jack
  22. *Chainpro
  23. **Totidile/Revan (4)
  24. *Epic Master
  25. **Jack (2)
  26. *Buddy (2)

—————Post-CP Army—————————————

  1. *Epic Master (2)
  2. *Buddy (3)
  3.  Cliff
  4.  Fish
  5. Ben
  6. Zarpa
  7. Buddy (4)
  8. Fish (2)


Legends and Medals of Honor

These people are the most remembered troops and leaders in Marines history.


The Creator

Sf was the creator of the Marines. During 2006-2007, he had led the Marines to the size of both the ACP and Romans. Sf marched alongside his troops against the strong military forces of the time and found success on numerous occasions. His idea in 2006 to make this army would help in setting the foundations of the community today, and the Marines wouldn’t exist without him. The community we know could possibly not be the same without Sf1998’s existence.

Sf1998 picture!2

Tarheel 4

The Loyalist

In the eyes of Sf1998, Tarheel 4 was perhaps the most loyal troop of the Marines in the original generation. Apart from Sf, Tarheel is one of the notable figures in CPM’s history and will always be remembered as Sf’s right hand man. Not much has been noted regarding him in old Marine archives, and we are unable to recover any photographs of him. However, that will not stop us from acknowledging his legacy.


The Godmother

In a way, Sidie9 is the mother of the modern Marine era. She founded the first organised Marine generation since the final collapse in 2007 alongside the likes of Totidile, who went on to lead the greatest Marine generations with notable Marine leaders such as Jack/Hazard. Sidie9 was forced to take time away from the Marines to focus on the Army of Club Penguin, but she never stopped watching over the Marines and she helped out the leaders in any way she could. Since then she has filled the role of Sf1998 in his absence and ensures that the Marines are the few and the proud.

sidie9 player card


The Commander

It is indisputable that Revan is possibly the greatest leader in modern Marine history. Ever since his involvement in the first official Marine reboot, he has been a staple in the leadership. Revan’s leadership is largely the reason that the Marines have become so successful, with its success in the summer of 2015 and now early 2016. For this he has been awarded the Marines medal of honor, as he continues to show why he and the Marines are forces to be reckoned with. Revan will always be remembered in our legacy as ‘The Commander’.



The Warrior

Buddy is well known as the 2nd half of the “Brother Leadership”, the 1st half being Totidile. Together in 2015, they led one of the most successful Marine generations to consistent positions on CPAC as well as consistent sizes of over 25. In 2020, Buddy rejoined the Marine leadership and continued his Marine legacy. He led the army to history-high sizes of 55+. Buddy will always be known for his dedication to making the Marines a powerful army, and will be remembered forever as “The Warrior”.

Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 7.25.29 PM



The Navigator


Panel of Godfathers

The Panel of Godfathers is a group of some of the greatest leaders the Marines army has ever seen. The Panel consists of 4 current/former leaders and no additional members can be added without the okay of all current standing members.

The members of the Panel are able to revive the Marines, give permissions to have the Marines revived by someone else, or reject a revival. The Panel will oversee all future Marine generations and any member of the Panel holds the power to perform a Coup d’état with the support of at least one more Godfather. Members of the panel reserve the right to step in and lead as they see fit. Lastly, the Panel of Godfathers reserve the right to shut down any Marine generation in any situation. 

The current Panel of Godfathers consists of:

1. Sidie9 – Head of the panel

2. Buddy – Head of the panel

3. Totidile/Revan


Hall of Shame

The names of the most despicable and worst troops or figures in the Marine’s history are listed here.


For betraying the trust of the Marines and deleting most of the website, deleting the history page of the Marines (containing the entire Marines saga) in the process.

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