•  photo trolol2_zpsbeajvprb.png Hey there! We are the Marines of Club Penguin, the strongest army in all of Club Penguin! Be sure to join us, to help defend Club Penguin with our allies from evil armies! Visit our chat to talk with other Marines, and generals, see you there!
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q2851569 General of the Marines q2851569

Founder (Creator) – Sf1998

Head of the Imperial Council – Sidie9

Imperial Council (Advisors)– Sidie9 – Buddy – Jack – Revan 

 Main Owner line

General Auxiliary General General


Owner line

Brigader general Head KnightsBrigader general

CololenlColonel Cololenl

Lt col MajorLt col


Captain Lieutenant Captain

Leitenunt KnightLeitenunt

 Mod line

Private PrivatePrivate

Everyone who has sent a join application AUTOMATICALLY receives the rank of ”Initiate”. You must attend our battles if you want to get promoted and move up to the Moderator rank (they have the ability to kick and ban Marines & enemies)

Member line


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